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Spring Elixir that Melts Pounds Away

This is a season of strawberries so you should use all the effective properties of these delicious, healthy, refreshing fruits that have proved to be very effective in the fight against excess weight. It is known that consumption of fluids is extremely important for vital and healthy body. The consumption of water is essential, but […]

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8 Exercises to Flatten Your Tummy

Fat tummy can be a real problem, especially for women. They try everything just to lose belly fat. Except from aesthetic problems, belly fat can cause health problems as well because it is the most harmful fat in your body. You should try these exercises and see how amazing the results will be.     […]

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Pomegranate Juice to Unclog Arteries

Have clogged arteries? The solution can be easily found, not in the medicine but in your kitchen. Results from a recent study, published in Atherosclerosis journal, show that pomegranate juice can reverse the process of atherosclerosis and prevent the pathologies of the cardiovascular system that can cause heart attack and bypass surgeries. A clinical study […]

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